MMDVMost Coming to Pi-Star

17 July 2016

Yes indeed, so you might think that the development of Pi-Star is all done, well far from it. I have been beavering away working to improve features (and breaking a few along the way) in order to bring MMDVMhost to Pi-Star, why - well simply put because this will bring DV multimode to what is already a good image for D-Star, expanding into DMR and hopefully Yaesu System Fusion too in the near future.

What works - well DMR and D-Star, both work very well and are able to live side by side on the very same node! Very interesting stuff. What doesnt work so far - Yaesu System Fusion networking I just dont have my head fully wrapped around it, but that is coming soon - promise.

MMDVMHost is another grand step forwards in making all the various DV modes work together, right now they all have seperate networks, but joining the repeater hardware up is a huge leap forwards; I hope that in time the networks will join together also (there is already work on this in a few ways).

To Do list for me includes a dashboard re-write to add on the DMR features and the configurator needs some updating to handle the new software (althrough this is already well on the way).

more to come in the next weeks...