Pi-Star 3.1.0 Released

27 January 2017

Today Pi-Star 3.1.0 has been released, this is a much improved and upgraded
version of the current train of the image. There are MANY fixes, almost too
many to mention.

Security wise, there have been the usual Rasbian OS upgrades, along with
upgrading the MMDVMHost software as usual. There was a weakness in the way
that the admin dashboard pages were served, this security hole has now been
closed up.

The Dashboard has has a fairly major re-decoration, and is looking more slick
than it was previously, it still has some clean up / prettying work to be
done and I am sure I will get to that in the fullness of time.

Under the hood the dashboard has finally been upgraded to suport the ini file
format that is used in MMDVMHost config files, this makes future updates
and upgrades to the software more simple, including new additions to the config
files in use. This has no real impact to the end user, however it makes this
much more simple for me to keep the build current, thats a good thing for
us all!

Get your download from the usual place http://www.mw0mwz.co.uk/pi-star/