Pi-Star V3.2.11 Released

03 March 2017

I normally wouldnt make too much fuss about a release, especially since they
happen quite often, but this one has some really handy new featires.
Starting with the basics, the startup delay for MMDVMHost has been extended
to 60 secs - this is so that users of the blustack board dont have issues with
the software failing to start while the modem is in "programming" mode.

Next comes a much more interesting (to D-Star users) feature, as suggested
by Adrian (M0GLJ). Adrian was moaning (he does this alot) about the fact that
it is not possible to connect nodes that are not part of US-Trust, to repeaters
that are part of US-Trust.

Better than just moan about it, Adrian had managed to find a way to make this
connection possible, but only if we edit the host files for ircDDBGateway
and even then, only if we knew what all the US-Trust gateways are.

After some searching of the internet I stumbled upon the data we needed, and
cobbled together a method to pull that into ircDDBGateway - and..... it works!

Not only does it just work, but its also updated every day so if there are systems
added or removed, those will be updated.