Pi-Star V3.3.0 Coming Soon

08 March 2017

Version 3.3.0 brings a whole new update process to the party.
With this new release, the release cycle will finally get much
longer, so I should be able to get back to one release every
few weeks / months, rather than 5 releases a week.

The new version bosts self updating of the OS, Dashboard, Radio
software and Hosts files used by ircDDBGateway, brining (finally)
a solution you can install, and just not worrey about - it will
keep it's self updated. I even added an update button to the dash
just in case you really want to make sure its up to date right now.

So where next from here?

Right now 3.3.0 is being beta-tested, with an expected release date
of Friday May 10th, after that the base image should be getting
relitivly few updates (I hope) with most of the work being focussed
on the dashboard.