Pi-Star Version 4.1.0

26 March 2020

Available for download from today, version
4.1.0 is available for Raspberry Pi hardware. All the Pi-Star features
you know and love, plus a new operating system, moving Pi-Star to the
the newer "Buster" OS.

4.1.0 has the most up-to-date versions of all of the software used for
digital comms, including some customised versions in some cases
including DMR2YSF cross-over code that should help those users
using reflectors that link back to WiresX.

Cross-Over modes are generally better in Pi-Star 4.1.x and have much
improved code, making it possible to drive the YSF platform
from the radio, such that when you use a YSF2xxx cross-over
mode, the commands are properly passed into the sub mode.
For example using YSF2DMR, you can choose the YSF2DMR mode
from your Yaesu radio, and then choose the talk group and link
to it. This makes using these cross-over modes a joy rather
than a hastle.

The move to "Buster" has been painfull, issues with time sync
and WiFi and Pi4 hardware support was troublesome, however
every cloud has a silver lining and the lessons we learned here
will be crucial to Pi-Star versions in the future.