Pi-Star V3.4.1 Released

04 July 2017

It's finally happened, 3.4.1 has been released, I'd been trying not to
release images at quite the previous release cycle pace, and its been
almost a month since the last new build, but there was finally a reason
to get another build out; Pi-Star now has remote control!

Much like the features in DStarRepeater, Pi-Star now has similar remote-
control abilities for MMDVMHost, giving keepers the ability to restart
services, or the whole OS.

However, that is not the limit of the possibilities, if you can call it
from a script, you can call that script over RF, now thats giong to be
some fun!

Pi-Star V3.3.7 Released

19 May 2017

Pi-Star V3.3.7 brings some interesting changes to the back end, ircDDBGateway
now only runs when it needs to, rather than all or the time.
The update process, has been overhauled and simplified, still some work to do
here but its getting to be much better than it was.
The major improvements are in the dashboard, 20170519 brings some extra
functionality for P25 and YSF users, the start reflectors for both modes can
now be set from the dashboard. Timezone related issues with using Pi-Star outside of UTC/BST should now be
a thing of the past. If you havnt yet done so, join the facebook group at
https://www.facebook.com/groups/pistarusergroup/ and let me know what you
think of Pi-Star and what we can do to make it better for you!

Pi-Star V3.3.5 Released

02 May 2017

Pi-Star V3.3.0 was quite a sizable release, since then there has been
a period of relitive stability, however there have been some new features
of note that have been added in the 3.3.x train.

3.3.3 brought some significant P25 / YSF improvements, and at the same
time new additions to the dashboard to also support P25 correctly.
3.3.4/3.3.5 are just checkpoint releases that include the current OS
updates and include the current (at the time of release) dashboard

I have modified the dashboard to support alternative timezones, this
has been problematic for anyone more than an hour away from UTC,
however I believe I am mostly through those issues, the dashboard
currently appears to work like it should do.

More for fun than for any practical reason, the update process now
looks more like a Linux / Unix terminal (green on black) and scrolls
in the browser, rather than just filling up the page.

Keep having fun!!

Pi-Star 3.3.0 Released

10 March 2017

The new build of Pi-Star is out, no apparent issues found during beta testing.
This should mark a distinct change in the release schedule, with the binaries,
dashboard and OS being updated automatically, there are now less reasons to have
to update the image on your Raspberry Pi.

The download size has suffered slightly, now tipping the scales at just over 500MB
but, I can live with that.

Pi-Star V3.3.0 Coming Soon

08 March 2017

Version 3.3.0 brings a whole new update process to the party.
With this new release, the release cycle will finally get much
longer, so I should be able to get back to one release every
few weeks / months, rather than 5 releases a week.

The new version bosts self updating of the OS, Dashboard, Radio
software and Hosts files used by ircDDBGateway, brining (finally)
a solution you can install, and just not worrey about - it will
keep it's self updated. I even added an update button to the dash
just in case you really want to make sure its up to date right now.

So where next from here?

Right now 3.3.0 is being beta-tested, with an expected release date
of Friday May 10th, after that the base image should be getting
relitivly few updates (I hope) with most of the work being focussed
on the dashboard.

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